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Payroll services automated and takes minutes to complete

Payroll software is easy to use and affordable and can mitigate errors in the payroll process

Empowering Internal comm & Automating the internal process of the company.

CLOUD Fully Automated HR System

What you can do with Payroll


Ready-made pay-codes

Ready-made pay-codes templates inspired by industry leaders to match different policies.

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Customizable pay-codes

Fully customizable pay-codes to provide you with full flexibility on how to manage your employees' payslips

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Automate payroll processing and reduce human errors

Payroll services automated and takes minutes to complete with more accuracy to reduce human errors.

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Payroll can be integrated with our intranet and talent modules or can be even integrated with any external system

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Empower your employees to work smarter

Encourage and automate the internal communication process for the whole company.

Performly has a friendly UI in addition to ease of usage, also multiple features,s and capabilities to handle different business requirements, email notifications, and security management.

Mohamed, CEO/Founder

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